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Agenda Item for Public Comment: Any person who seeks to address the board shall be permitted to speak only during the allotted public comment time

1. Public Comment Time: The public shall be allowed to speak only during a public hearing or during the public comment period of the meeting or at such other times as a majority of the Village Board shall allow.

2. Recognizing Speakers: Each person addressing the public body is required to raise his or her hand and wait to be recognized by the presiding officer, and when recognized, shall state his or her name and address for the record.

3. Comments Addressed to the Board: All remarks shall be addressed to the Village Board as a body and not to any member thereof and not to other members of the public in attendance;

4. Time Limits: There is a three minute maximum time limit for each person who desires to address the Village Board. The Mayor, as presiding officer, may reduce the time period, giving consideration to the number of speakers and lateness of the hour.

5. Relevancy: Questions and/or comments are limited to public business. Comments supporting or opposing a nominated person’s candidacy for elected office and personal attacks against the Village’s personnel and employees is not allowed.

6. Repetition: The Mayor may discourage repetition. To avoid repetition, groups or residents may be asked to consolidate their comments and/or appoint a representative to speak.

7. Written Communications: Interested parties or their representatives may address the Village Board by written communications. Written communications shall be delivered to the Clerk or to her designee. Speakers should not read written communications verbatim but should summarize their contents.

8. Citizens with disabilities who require assistance in attending any meeting, or in furnishing comments and suggestions, should contact the Village Clerk to request such assistance.

9. Decorum: The members of the public are to be quiet and refrain from applauding, hissing, and booing. 

1. Village Board members may, with the permission of the Mayor, interrupt a speaker during their remarks, but only for the purpose of clarification or information.

10. Responses: The Village Board is not required to respond to any public comments, as further inquiry and research may be required, and/or the matter is assigned to a committee or subcommittee.

11. Prohibited Behavior: The following types of behavior are prohibited during a public meeting:

1. Conduct in violation of any local, state, or federal law, or any rule or regulation in implementing local, state, or federal law;

2. Interruption of speakers; name-calling; boisterous remarks;

3. Use of abusive, obscene, profane, slanderous or threatening language or gestures;

4. Acting or behaving in such an unreasonable manner so as to alarm or disturb another and to provoke breach of the peace;

5. Any other act designed to intimidate, threaten, or harm persons or damage or destroy property; and

6. Personal attacks.

12. Disruption: During the public meeting members of the public in attendance shall not engage in audible conversations which prohibit individuals from hearing and/or participating in the public meeting, or disrupts the conduct of business by the Village Board.

13. Ingress/Egress: Rules may provide that members of the public may enter and leave the meeting room at any time, provided such entrance or exit is made quietly and in an orderly fashion and not disruptive of the business being conducted. 
14. Recordings: Recording equipment must be operated and placed so as not to disturb the meeting. 
15. Removal: The Mayor or presiding officer is empowered to cause the removal of any and all persons violating the provisions of these rules.

Adopted unanimously by the Village Board August 20, 2013 in the presence of the Village meeting attendees.









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